10 GHz External Prescaler

10 GHz External Prescaler

The ETP-100 is a 10 GHz external prescaler which can extend the range of your existing frequency counter, without making any modifications to it.

It was created to offer a straightforward reading on any frequency counter, by providing an "easy" division ratio of 1:1000, however, variants with 1:128, 1:256, 1:512 and 1:1024 are also available.

Its excellent sensitivity and input protection make it perfect for the laboratory environment, where it can drive either a counter or experimental circuitry.



  • 0.1 to 10 GHz bandwidth. 
  • High sensitivity. 
  • Does not self-oscillate. 
  • Input protection (27 dBm max).
  • Fully tested to ensure reliable measurements.   
  • 30 days, no questions asked, extended return policy.    

Package contents:

  1. ETP-100.  
  2. Power adapter (optional).

Warranty: 2 years.