12 GHz Replacement Kit - HPO-120

12 GHz Replacement Kit - HPO-120

The HPO-120 functions as a 12 GHz replacement kit for the channel 3 option of the HP 53131A, HP 53132A and HP 53181A frequency counters, which have been discontinued.

It provides reliable measurements up to 12 GHz, while maintaining the desirable properties of its predecessor (the HPO-100) - similar sensitivity, no self-oscillation, very good input protection.



  • 0.1 to 12 GHz bandwidth. 
  • Does not self-oscillate. 
  • Fully tested to ensure reliable measurements.   
  • 30 days, no questions asked, extended return policy.    

Package contents:

  1. HPO-120 board.
  2. The connector of your choice.
  3. IDC cable.
  4. Mounting screws and spacers.

Warranty: 2 years.



Because of frequency requirements, the recommended connector is either SMA or N-type, based on what your front panel accepts.

Vanilla counters, that never had an option installed, or which came with the 3 GHz option, will have a hole suitable for SMA or BNC connectors.

Counters which were equipped with the 12 GHz or 5 GHz options originally, will have a hole suitable for the N-type connector. Please note that counters that had the original 5 GHz option, are limited to 5 GHz in firmware.

BNC connectors rated for this frequency are also available upon request, but they will be limited by the cabling and connectors you will mate with them.



Installation instructions 

Selection Guide

Quick description of the sensitivity graph: