40 MHz to 3 GHz Limiting LNA

40 MHz to 3 GHz Limiting LNA

The Cojotech LLNA-030-10 is a limiting low noise amplifier, that operates over the band of 40 MHz to 3 GHz, and provides 10 dBm of saturated output power.

By bringing the output characteristics down in amplitude, it is able to match the input requirements of receivers with very sensitive frontends. This property, coupled with the very low noise figure, it makes it an ideal candidate for such receivers, which can be damaged by other LNAs.



  • 40 MHz to 3 GHz operating range.
  • Very low noise (0.9 dB NF @ 1 GHz).
  • +10 dBm saturated output power (PSAT).
  • 39 dB gain @ 100 MHz; 32 dBm gain @ 1 GHz.
  • Stainless steel SMA connectors with BeCu center contact.
  • Heavy gauge brass body (nickel plated) for superior immunity to outside signals and noise.
  • +9 V supply voltage (8 to 10 V). 
  • 30 days, no questions asked, extended return policy. 


Meets the input requirements of the following SDR receivers:

  • RTL-SDR v3.
  • Airspy Mini.
  • Airspy R2.
  • HackRF One (with internal LNA disabled!).
  • And more...



  • Lab experiments.
  • Education.
  • General purpose LNA.


Package contents:

  1. LLNA-030-10.


Warranty: 2 years.