433 MHz Limiting LNA

433 MHz Limiting LNA

The Cojotech LLNA-433-10 is a limiting low noise amplifier, specifically designed for the reception of signals in the 433 MHz ISM band. It provides high gain, FM band suppression, low noise figure and output power limiting, with a maximum output power of only +10 dBm, making it an ideal LNA for receivers with very sensitive frontends, such as SDR receivers. 

The LLNA-433-10-T variant, differs from the base LLNA-433-10 by also including a bias tee, which allows it to be mounted close to the antenna, further lowering the noise floor by greatly diminishing the contribution of the cable to the overall noise figure of the system.



  • 433.92 MHz center frequency.
  • High gain (36 dB gain).
  • Very low noise (0.73 dB NF).
  • FM band suppression (> 30 dB).
  • +10 dBm maximum output power (POMAX).   
  • Included bias tee on the LLNA-433-10-T variant.
  • Reverse bias protection. 
  • Stainless steel SMA connectors with BeCu center contact.  
  • +9 V supply voltage (8 to 10 V).   
  • 30 days, no questions asked, extended return policy.   



  • Telemetry reception.
  • IoT.
  • Lab experiments.
  • Education.


Meets the input requirements of the following SDR receivers:

  • RTL-SDR v3.  
  • Airspy Mini.  
  • Airspy R2.  
  • HackRF One (with internal LNA disabled!).  
  • And more...  


Package contents:

  1. LLNA-433-10 or LLNA-433-10-T.


Warranty: 2 years.