1.5 GHz Replacement Kit - PMO-9610

1.5 GHz Replacement Kit - PMO-9610

The PMO-9610 is a replacement kit for the Input C option of the PM6654 series of frequency counters, which have been discontinued. It allows you to measure signals from 100 MHz to 1.5 GHz.



  • 0.1 to 1.5 GHz bandwidth.  
  • High sensitivity.  
  • Does not self-oscillate.
  • VSWR < 2.
  • Fully tested to ensure reliable measurements.    
  • 30 days, no questions asked, extended return policy.    

Package contents:

  1. PMO-9610 board.

Warranty: 2 years.



While all the PM6654 frequency counters come with a BNC to mini-coax cable preinstalled on the front panel, these days it is virtually impossible to obtain a connector that will mate with it. Because of that, the Cojotech prescalers come with a SMA female connector, leaving it up to you to replace the mini-coax end of the already installed cable, with a SMA male connector.

Alternatively, you could replace the entire cable assembly with a BNC to SMA one, however the procedure is quite laborious, so most people will probably prefer cutting out the mini-coax end and installing the SMA male in its place.

This means that on top of the prescaler board, at the very least you will also need to have available an SMA male connector for RG-316 cable, a soldering station, the correct crimping tool, and the skill to make use of them. If the procedure fails, you can source a new BNC to SMA cable, and simply replace the original assembly.



Quick description of the sensitivity graph: