3 GHz Replacement Kit - HPO-030

3 GHz Replacement Kit - HPO-030

The HPO-030 functions as a replacement board for the 3 GHz channel 3 option for the HP 53131A, HP 53132A and HP 53181A frequency counters, which have been discontinued.

In contrast to the original, this product offers superior performance, both in sensitivity and bandwidth, while matching or exceeding the maximum ratings and the input specifications of the original device, making it a perfect drop-in replacement.



  • Higher bandwidth than competing products.
  • Higher sensitivity than competing products.
  • Fully tested to ensure reliable measurements. 
  • 30 days, no questions asked, extended return policy. 

Package contents:

  1. HPO-030 board.
  2. Panel mount BNC to SMA connector cable.
  3. IDC cable.
  4. Mounting screws and spacers.

Warranty: 2 years.


HPO-030-N - Datasheet

Installation Instructions

Selection Guide

Quick description of the sensitivity graph: