There are two categories of services that Cojotech offers:

1. Customization of existing Cojotech products

Custom prescalers

  • Can be modified to meet custom input requirements (frequency, sensitivity, input power).
  • Can have custom output specifications.
  • Voltage/current requirements can be modified.
  • Can be made to fit in various enclosures, or new enclosures can be designed specifically for the purpose.

Prescalers for up to 20 GHz operation can be custom made.

Custom LNAs

Just ask. In many cases, single quantity LNAs for different bands than currently available, can be provided at similar costs to the list price of our existing LNAs.

For special requirements, most of the amplifier's parameters can be changed, and if necessary, new enclosures can be designed in order to accommodate the design and the resulting thermal specifications.

Custom limiters

Custom coaxial limiters can be designed for the desired leakage power, maximum input power and frequency range.

For large quantities, the operating frequency can be increased up to 20 GHz.

2. Contract work

  • Full electronic design, sourcing and production handling.
  • Schematic design.
  • PCB routing.
  • RF/Microwave PCB routing.
  • Firmware development.
  • Web integration for internet connected devices.
  • Consultancy.
  • Testing.
  • Automated test development.

How to get a quote?

Use the contact e-mail or phone number in the footer. If your requirements are complex, we can set up an online meeting.