EU Member States

For all EU countries, both express shipping (DHL, UPS, etc) and regular post shipping is available.

For regular post, there's a flat fee of 6 EUR, while for express shipping, it's calculated based on your address and there usually is an option available between 18 and 28 EUR.


Because of logistic problems, regular post shipping is currently not available to non-EU countries, so only express shipping can be used. Upon request, regular post shipping can be added back, but with the specification that dropping the goods off to the post office may be done with a one to two weeks delay.

Hopefully this will change in the future.

Express shipping prices will vary based on the exact destination, but here are a few examples for DHL, obtained at the time of this writing (your values will probably be different):

  • USA: 25 EUR
  • Canada: 24 EUR
  • Australia: 39 EUR


Payment is processed via PayPal.

For bulk orders, consulting services, or simply on demand, bank transfer and other options may be available.