Couriers & Pricing

Shipping is done via DHL or UPS and is calculated on the checkout page. Within the EU, it will generally vary between 17 and 26 EUR, while for non-EU countries, it usually varies between 19 and 39 EUR.

The quote you get will probably be different from what is listed below, as it is dependent on the address too, as well as other factors the couriers take into account when calculating it.

Examples of shipping quotes:

  • Finland: 19 EUR
  • Italy: 17 EUR
  • Sweeden: 18 EUR
  • USA: 22 EUR
  • USA: 31 EUR
  • Canada: 24 EUR
  • Australia: 28 EUR
  • Australia: 36 EUR

VAT & Import taxes

Within the EU, you shouldn't have to pay any additional taxes.

If you live outside of the EU, you might be asked to pay import taxes as part of the customs clearance proceedings. You are responsible for paying those taxes yourself.


Payment is processed via Stripe or PayPal.

For bulk orders, consulting services, or simply on demand, bank transfer and other options may be available.